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This website want to be a portal of virtual visits and online-strolls in real environnement. The basic motion system is made of arrows and pictures... arrows to move, and photos to admire.

We offer you our own virtual visits, and links to other similar websites. Because we give greater importance to the stroll ans freedom side, you will not find any links to QuicktimeVRs which don't offer any possibility of moving directly from a pictures to another.

We think we are close to a new era, in which we will have the most important part of the earth recorded in one hard drive. We will be able to take a walk in Paris, Hawaï, New York, Paris (Texas) orthe sewers of Tokyo whitout theneedof moving from his armchair. To visit museums, shops,to goinside a great writer's house...whitout being bothered with time, but having the pleasure of walking in the streets around and to enjoy the view.

A virtual visit allows to fix tridimensionnally big events. It's easy to make links near a photo which tells "The same place the night of the football world cup", "the same place a day with a show". We can see all sides of an area or a street or a place, while moving into it... a new way to take pictures.

The constant fall of the prices of digital cameras and movie cameras leads to an evidence: a virtual earth will raise on internet.

The Big Simulation Project is here to help those who wants to recreate places they love on internet. We help them to promote and reference their websites, and why not to link them all to each others...
beginning of a new virtual blue planet...
located in your "desktop" pc... ;o)