aka How I destroyed an army alone v1.0

The goal of this game is very simple : you are alone on a tiled board game with a lot of robots. Each turn you can move one tile your character, and all the robots are doing same. The movement system of the robots is very simple : they are going straight towards you blindly. When two (or more) robots meets in the same tile, they are destroyed and leave on this tile a piece of junk. If a robot enters in a tile with junk, he is destroyed too.

There is 2 kind of robots :

- the T800 : those are very old models, slow and very stupid. Each turn, they are moving to your previous position. They are not very dangerous, and you can kill hundreds of them without any exitation. When you are alone in front of one of them, you can exchange your positions : the robot will go to your previous position, and you are going on his previous position.

- the T1000 : new generation robot., they are very fast and extremely dangerous. They are moving each turn to your new position. It's impossible to exchange your position with one of them : he will stay waiting you with big guns...

Of course, if you meet a robot in the same tile, you die.

To move, it's very simple : use the numeric pad (7,8,9,4,5,6,1,2,3).

You know all, you can play now ;o).