Welcome on something that used to be very common but is now almost an artefact from the past: a personal page!
Here are a couple of things I did that you may be interested in:
Tabletop Pixel : a video game development studio I've ran during a couple of years.
Doc Tee Boh's blog : a place where I've been telling about my life in Japan during 13 years (french).
Galleries : others would push that to online albums.
Unmatched Roster : a page dedicated to the asymetrical fighting boardgame named Unmatched.
For a few extra meter : a simple "Push your luck" boardgame for young players who can add up.
Retroizer : transform a photo into a GameBoy screenshot, 100% client-side code.
My Bgg Collection : pull my (or someone else) boardgamegeek.com collection and show it nicely.
Cat Crossing : small mobile game where you help a cat to avoid dangerous cars in the street.
Super Puzzle Neo : traditional puzzle game reinvented for mobile.
Legacy homepage : jump back to 2000s and check all the stuff I've been doing for years (french).