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Flash lite japanese games and fun stuff directories

http://mb.amcsys.com/cgi-bin/ezlib/index.cgi : a lot of japanese keitai games (java and flashlite) applications. Click on the categories under "Flash・ゲーム" to find Flash-Lite games. A lot of them are free, but some are redirecting on cash websites. You need to search a little by yourself.

http://mits.s59.xrea.com/flash : a japanese keitai games developer page. Download is very simple when you know where to click : clic on the game you want, the clic on the 2nd download link ("DownLoad(au以外)"), and then clic (or right clic / download to) on the first link (ココ).

http://www.tiu.ac.jp/~zohzemi/keitai2/game.html : another japanese keitai games developer page. Just direct links to flash.
http://www.tiu.ac.jp/~zohzemi/keitai2/sakusi/index.html : just some funny flash lite trick art.

http://mits.s59.xrea.com/bbs2/flash : a japanese BBS where you will be able to find some good swf. One of the way to find them is to use google.

http://www.i-paradise.jp/~flashlite/cmmboard012/cmmboard/cmmboard.php : another japanese BBS with some interesting flashlite keitai files, but not frequently updated.

[...to be continued...]