I like to tweak my keitai

Home made flashlite (1.1) games

dTb's Sudoku v1.0

I couldn't find a free flashlite sudoku, so, I made my own. It's not a real sudoku because it can have more than one solution, and there is no real difficulty option : the only question is how many squares you want to remove. Removing 50 squares can generate very easy grids, or very complex ones... But it's enough for me to have a lot of fun in subway, and I beat 90% of the grids under 55 squares removed. It's my favorite keitai game with the Lingo Memorial.

You can download it here.



dTb's 4 in a row v1.0

I didn't make a genius AI, but it's not completely stupid and can play aggressive...

You can download it here.